New: Cumbria Insults tea-towel

Updated: Mar 27

New to the store for May is our second tea-towel, this time dedicated to colourful retorts from the northwest frontier.

As the vernacular disappears from the English language, the tea-towel is a celebration of some of Cumbria's finest historic insults.

Elegant artwork by Kendal-based Evelyn Sinclair illustrates 24 choice Cumberland and Westmorland putdowns, from 'Duddy Fuddiel' (ragged fellow) to 'Swag Belly't' (corpulent around the stomach); 'Stinjy Aal Carl' (bad-tempered old man) to 'Windy Bags' (an incessant talker).

Screen-printed in Britain on 100% premium cotton (white or natural).

You can buy it here.