Art callout: Dreaming through the locking glass

Updated: May 7

'What Cumbrian artists did during lockdown'

The Coronavirus lockdown has been devastating to many Cumbrian artists and small businesses.

At the same time, it has been a chance to slow down, reflect, and engage with a much smaller area around us.

For artists this is an opportunity to capture a unique moment in human history.

Our new book, Dreaming through the locking glass, is an artistic response to these confined times.

We are calling on artists of all disciplines throughout Cumbria – painting, print-making, poetry, textiles, ceramics, illustration, 3D, prose, photography – to create an original piece of work that captures the artist’s personal experience of life during lockdown.

Submissions will be selected down to a shortlist and selected artwork will feature in the new 144-page book alongside a short description of the artist's work; their wider art; and how life has changed for them -– personally and creatively – under lockdown.

The artwork might by a distant view, a recollection of days before lockdown, words wrestling confinement and imaginative freedom, recognition of the value of our health workers, a localised view of neighbourhood seen through new eyes… whatever the situation inspires the artist to create.

Profits from the sale of Dreaming through the locking glass, which will be available for sale county and nationwide, will be split between Cumbrian NHS Trusts and local artistic groups, including Green Door; Space2Create; and the Eden Valley Artistic Network.

We would anticipate art from this project also becoming a touring exhibition in 2021.

Deadline for submitting work is midnight, Friday 29 May, 2020, though submissions are welcomed earlier.

Final submissions should be sent to

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

We are delighted that our Windermere-based print broker, Latitude Press, has waived its commission so that more money can be given to the NHS and local arts organisations.

Submission guidelines are below.

.Reflection' by Evelyn Sinclair.


  • Submissions are welcomed from all creative disiciplines, including illustration, fine art, print-making, photography, 3D, poetry, prose, ceramics, textile and more. If you are unsure about whether an artwork can be submitted, contact us.

  • Each artist is invited to submit a single piece of artwork that is capable of being displayed effectively on an A4 page. Submitted artwork may be landscape, portrait, or square – as long as it will display well at the maximum page size of the book, which will be 297mm.

  • Multiple images may be submitted as part of a single artwork, as in the case of a set of 3-4 documentary photographs, for example, but they must adhere to the above layout dimensions - being able to be displayed on a single page where the longest edge is 297mm.

  • Visual submissions should be in TIFF or JPG format, 300DPI, CMYK. Written-word submissions should be in Microsoft Word or TextEdit format. Art that has been photographed – as with 3D or textile art – should be sent as a high resolution photo in TIFF or JPG format, 300DPI.

  • The submission should include 250-350 words describing the artwork, how the artist’s life and art has changed by lockdown, and the artist’s wider artistic interests. It should also include: artist name; location; website. This text will be displayed alongside the artwork. Example text is shown in the draft page layout below.

  • The artwork should be inspired by the events of the Covid-19 lockdown. Getting the tone right for the book will be about mixing sometimes bleak responses with positive visions of this unique pause in time.

  • Artwork should also say something - however loosely - about Cumbria. As this is, specifically, a collection of artwork about Cumbrian artists in lockdown, we would like to reflect what it is that makes Cumbria uniquely special as a place to live, play and work.

  • Government rules on social distancing, travel and any other official guidance should be observed in the creation of the artwork. The guidance, regularly updated, can be found here.

  • Only one submission per artist, but this single submission may include multiple images (up to a maximum of 4) as a single piece of art.

  • Deadline for submitting work is midnight, Friday 29 May, 2020.

  • This is a voluntary project in which all profits are split between Cumbrian NHS Trusts and Cumbrian arts organisations. As such the artist grants a non-exclusive license to Inspired by Lakeland / Jake Island Ltd to: 1) Print the artwork in book format; 2) Exhibit the artwork in (a) future exhibition (s) related to the lockdown; and 3) Use the artwork for all/any publicity purposes directly linked to the book. Any usage beyond the above will be at the artist’s discretion.

  • Any use of the artwork will be fully credited with artist’s name and website.

  • Question not answered? Contact us.

'Ev-olution' by Evelyn Sinclair.