Swaledales of Yorkshire - Tea towel

Our tribute to Yorkshire's iconic sheep breed.


At Inspired by Lakeland we love the Swaledale. So much so that we commissioned Kendal-based artist


Evelyn Sinclair to create a series of gently humourous illustrations of our favourite fell-wanderer.

After a long night over a bottle of wine we jotted down our favourite sheep puns then Evelyn set to work to bring them to life. Cue ‘Shorn the Sheep’, ‘Aledale’, ‘Sheep Dreams’, ‘Lamb Chop’, ‘I love Ewe’ and many more...


The delightful artwork is printed on 100% premium cotton in Britain by Stuart Morris – quality textile printers – with fabric woven to the highest standard at their Ipswich plant. The towel is hemmed on two sides and comes with a care label.

The perfect gift for anyone who loves the humble Swaledale... and washing up.


  • 100% premium cotton

  • Made in Britain by Stuart Morris

  • Illustrated in Kendal

  • Hemmed edges and care label.

Swaledales of Yorkshire - Tea Towel